MedArtSal: the project enhancing the treasures of Mediterranean artisanal salinas

SmartGreen Post Artisanal salinas across the Mediterranean today face critical times. Confronted with salt-production industrialisation, urbanisation-imposed pressure, and stressful competition from cheaper in-land producers, shoreline salinas are struggling to remain economically viable.

The British coastal communities doomed to become climate refugees

Al Jazeera Two years ago, Nicola Bayless was taking her evening walk in Happisburgh, a tiny village on the eastern coast of England, when a big chunk of the cliff fell down. “It sounded like thunder. Like a click of fingers and it’s gone. You had no chances if you stood under that,” she recalls while sitting on the front step of her home overlooking the sea.

There is a link between climate change and the rise of armed conflicts

Syria is at a breaking point. In the past weeks it has been experiencing one of the worst humanitarian emergencies since the start of the nine-year civil war. Currently, over three million civilians are trapped in Idlib, the last rebel-held territory at the Turkish border. About half of them have been forcibly displaced from other parts of the country.