Meetia is a weekly roundup of networking opportunities to help students, early-career professionals, and freelance creatives meetthose who matter in the UK’s media scene and boost their careers.

Every Sunday, Meetia delivers to your inbox a detailed list of selected events, conferences, and locations where you’ll be able to connect with inspiring professionals and mentors in the fields of Journalism, Broadcasting, Radio & Podcasting, PR & Marketing, Photography, Film, and Arts. 

The hope is that by placing emphasis on attending social events and creating valuable connections with industry professionals, entering the media scene can become an easier, fairer and more enjoyable journey.

What people say about Meetia:

“I always open the newsletter! I see value in
attending some of the workshops listed and
I’ve joined both paid and free ones.”
Shereen Abdulla, Business Media Producer

“Love the idea! I am struggling with meeting
new people in the media industry and your
space came right in time, thank you!”
Liyana Shirin, MA Media Student